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Social Signals

Social signals are metrics which are used to measure the connecting capability of the reader and engaging potential of the content of the webpage. Social Signals are the new way to go in SEO. Google gives huge attention to Social Signals or social media appearance.

Thus, if the webpage has a lower popularity on social media sites, like Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Reddit, it would transform the page to lower ranking in search results, dwindling reader traffic.

Needs of Social Signals

It increases the rankings of the webpage and the authority of the site is raised.

It decreases the traffic hindering the web page.

When a user recommends the site to his audience, it is considered as a social signal.

Additionally, it can backlink the site with a large amount of links because the social signals justify the generated backlinks.

The social media network advertises about the site if the site seems to be interesting and an attractive topic.

A lot of backlinks can be justified at a time; this proves to be a great advantage of the Social Signal Checker.

When a user shares the URL, this is counted as a social signal. The more the site is counted, the more Google sees the site as an authority.

Social Signals Checker Tool

The Social Signals Checker tool provides the person with a free of cost, relevant, reliable, and effective tool to gather social shares data about the products and services. It helps to get a comparative view of the process that is going on.

It helps the person to get a clear insight of the performance of the website as well as his or her competitors. This helps to identify opportunities which might have otherwise been missed out.

Social signals, like tweets, likes, shares, pins, and +1s highly affect the visibility of the web page on search results.

They signify the transparency of the business idea and determine the relevance of the content for the people.

It will help to rank the sites without the risk of getting a Google penalty.

Free Social Shares Checker Tool

Free Social Shares Checker tool helps to analyze the social media metrics of websites which are ranking on the front page of search engines.

It guides the person to make changes in the website and get it ranked quickly on search engines.

Ultimately, it empowers the person with swift competitive intelligence report related to social media popularity. It helps to improve the business through constant upgradation and monitoring of the content.

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