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Check Robots File Of Your Website


Every web page created by a user becomes successful only when it is registered or authorized on the internet. The authorisation of the web page is provided only when indexing is done to the web page and the links provided on it.

What are indexed links?

Indexing of links provided on a web page lends a permission to the user to publish the content of the page into the search results. It is the link or URL that appears on the search bar of the Google search engine.

What does it mean by following the link?

The URL, through which the web page is identified in the search results, firstly needs to be followed by the search engine.

What is Free Robots.txt?

  • Robots.txt files inform search engine spiders how to interact with indexing your content.
  • Meta robot or simply a robots.txt is a tag which identifies and tells the search engines what are the links it has to follow and what it do not have to follow on the webpage over the web.
  • Therefore a Meta robot tag is a written and documented code that directs the search engine to show or hide some particular and certain contents from web crawlers and index it on the results of the search engine.
  • The user often notices there are some unwanted links that do not need to be indexed or followed. Therefore, these links are sorted out, blocked and un-followed or not indexed by the Meta robot tag.
  • Unless the search engines are notified about the text that they need to crawl, by default they index as much high quality information as they can and will assume that they can crawl everything.
  • A number of links present on the webpage, pulls down its ranking on the web. So instructing the search engine about the links to be followed and those which is not to be followed is essential.

Summarization of the Functions of Meta Robots:

  • It instructs the search engines to follow the webpage link or URL.
  • It also aids the search engine to index the webpage in the search engine results.
  • It guides the search engine not to follow the links on the webpage.
  • It also directs the search engine not to index a certain link on webpage into the search engine results.

What is Meta Robots (Robots.txt) Checker?

Meta Robots (Robots.txt) Checker offered by SEOCheckupTools is a tool that helps to identify the Robot Meta Tags of the web pages that are either appropriate to command to the search engines or not.

The utilisation of Meta Robots (Robots.txt) Checker is user-friendly software that does not require expert skills or knowledge of the user. Simply copying the URL of the document of the webpage and then pasting this copied URL into the search box and then submitting it. That is all it requires to obtain the relevant information in just a matter of seconds. The output data obtained helps to make changes and modify the website to improve the page ranking and elevate the web traffic.